5 Reasons to Watch The Originals this Fall!

The-Originals-PosterThe Vampire Diaries fans are excited for the debut of  The Originals spin-off on October 3. I don’t need to sell Vampire Diaries fans on the concept, characters and overall show.

I hope my blog post below, intrigues non-TVD fans to check it out.  If you are interested, you can watch the Director’s Cut of the Pilot episode.  It was part of a Vampire Diaries episode, but was edited and expanded to focus on the Originals storyline.

Why should people that don’t watch TVD check out this new show? Here are a few reasons why.

Interesting Premise

The Mikaelson family are the first people to become vampires in Vampire Diaries lore, they are “original” vampires.  The family history is long and complex.  The parents found a way to use magic to protect their children from werewolves and thus created the vampire species. They did this because one of their children was killed by a werewolf. The father and the 5 surviving children were transformed into vampires.  Brothers Finn and Kol died in the recent past.  Klaus, Elijah and Rebeckah are the surviving children and the main characters in the Originals series.  Klaus doesn’t have the same father as the rest of the family. His father was a werewolf, thus he is a hybrid with both vamp and wolf powers.   Klaus is quick tempered and has been known to put daggers in the chests of family members and put them in coffins when he wants to get rid of them for awhile.

The series begins as Klaus wants to be the vampire king of New Orleans, but his former protégé, Marcel currently has that honor. The New Orleans area is home to many supernatural creatures and the series will include the power plays between witches, werewolves and vampires. There is also a doomed vampire/werewolf pregnancy in the mix.  I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, if you plan to watch the pilot. Check out the preview below for a bit more information.

ee0eb8d0bc4f52e8b54db5043800d5cfKlaus Outgrew TVD

The Vampire Diaries had a similar situation as they did during the third season of Buffy.  On Buffy, there was this great character, Angel and didn’t see how his story could properly evolve within the context of the show.  He spun-off into his own series and he became a better and a more fully formed character in a new setting.

The same thing happened with Klaus, his main storyline ended in Season 3, but in Season 4 he was around to cause trouble and flirt with Caroline.   He could do so much more in a show focused on him and he doesn’t have to play second fiddle to the Salvatore Brothers in regards to screen time and overall series direction.

Klaus was set up as a major “big bad,” but due to fan love and compassion for the character he softened over time.  Klaus was set up has a truly horrible menace, but  developed into a morally gray anti-hero.  This is what happened on Buffy with Spike.

On the Originals, the rules have changed and  he can start to be a ruthless badass and get some of his mojo back. Klaus can explore new sides of himself on a show focused on his family.

Flashback Potential

I’ve already seen a promotional photo floating around that will be a flashback on the series.

These characters have over 1,000 years of life to reflect on.  That is why a vampire show can be so rewarding, because we can look at past events and put them into context in the present.  In flashback, we got to see how they formed as a family. What other great secrets do these past events uncover? I can’t wait to find out.


Elijah is Awesome

For a vampire, Elijah has honor and some morals.  He isn’t a goodie-two-shoes, but he is willing to negotiate and work deals as a means to an end.  If he makes a promise, he keeps it. Although he is a badass and can rip out a still beating heart and still look like he stepped off the cover of GQ.  He’s slick, threatening, and is able to keep his cool in all situations.  Check out this video of some of his scenes on TVD and you’ll get a better picture of him.

Rebeckah’s Love Life

Rebeckah is the youngest of the living Mikaelson siblings and the only female.  On the 4th season of


TVD, she tried desperately to find a cure for vampirism.  She longs to be a normal girl with a normal life with a normal man.

Bex loves too easily and has a terrible dating track record.  She was last seen traveling the world with Matt Donovan.  Matt is a nice guy, bus boy, recent high school graduate, and quarterback.  You know it’s just gonna be a summer fling.

It is unknown how her character will move into the world of the Originals, but she will bring an interesting element to the show with her disastrous love life.


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