You Killed McDreamy, You Bastard!

RIP McDreamyOnce upon a time, I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, when it was the show du jour. I don’t know when I stopped watching. I can’t remember why I got bored with the show, maybe it was because I never shipped MerDer. All I know is it was way before they even killed McSteamy.

I swear, doctors at Seattle Grace have a higher mortality rate than students at Sunnydale High. While doing my research, I found out that the hospital is now called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, note the “memorial” part of that.

Like many viewers, I thought Dr. McDreamy was hot, but I quit caring about this character, years ago, until they killed him Thursday night. That made him interesting again to me.

One thing that flips me out is how ABC made a tribute video to him and People Magazine wrote an obituary for the character. Many other characters don’t get the distinction of being memorialized in such a manner, as if Dr. Derek Sheppard, 1966-2015, was a real person.

What I find additionally fascinating about all this is how this seemingly big plot twist could bring back excitement and chatter for a show that is long past it’s expiration date. So many characters die in brutal and devastating ways, because it brings emotions up and is designed to bring shows to the next level. Or many times to write out actors, whom are done with the show. Why not go out in a blaze of glory, than to just leave town?

It also envitablelly pisses off faithful fans of the show that say that they will stop watching the show after something like this happens. There is tons of anger out there for this move and fans feel like the story was rushed and not earned. They feel betrayed as they spent 11 years with this guy to have him go out like that.

What is shocking to me is that fans still find killing off characters shocking. They think that a show NEEDS a happy ending and that they are entitled to it. That their fav character is above human mortality. Writers and showrunners get guff from fans who feel traumatized because of a turn that they don’t like. People crave the drama, until it offends them. For those communication and media scholars out there, it’s parasocial interaction run amok.

Character death is a way of life in our modern TV age. Everyone should be under the impression that NO characters are safe. In 2015 there are no sacred cows, realizing this makes television viewing so much easier.


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