Dead Relationship? Better Show?

Spoilers for X-Files Revival Below…..

11855918_1669468169942528_4939424704745044495_nAs a woman who lies about her age, I reluctantly admit that I loved and watched The X-Files in it’s original run.  I just keep telling people that I was in elementary school when it was on television on the slight chance that they might believe me.  Needless to say, I’m trilled about the revival.

I loved the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully.  I shipped the couple that the term “shipping” was coined.  The whole “will they or won’t they” dynamic added to the aliens, monsters and conspiracy theories.

I can see traces of Mulder and Scully on current shows like Bones and Castle.  I was glad that they were “endgame” so to speak, but I’m glad that we didn’t have years of them investigating cases and being in love.  That is one reason why that later seasons of Bones and Castle haven’t been as good. There is little fun in a happy couples hunting for killers and paranormal monsters. There is no flirty chase left when you know they are together every night.

People are now upset they they will be uncoupled for the revival series.  I feel like it can bring a new excitement to their dynamic to their relationship and the show.  It wouldn’t be the show we know and fangirl over if they were in a married-couple-not getting any-groove or happy little love birds.


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