Je suis Charlie Bradbury

Charlie B.Je Suis Charlie Bradbury.  I am Charlie. Strong, quirky, geeky, smart…. Plus, she’s a redhead, so I relate.  And I love Felicia Day, too.

Charlie is also another female character killed on Supernatural.  I didn’t want to believe It. I had a smidgen of hope until the previews revealed that it as final and real. Although I was shocked,  I should’ve seen it coming. Supernatural has a track record of killing really cool recurring characters.

There have been tons of critique about the show and if having lady parts is equivalent to wearing a Star Trek red shirt uniform.   I’m not here to debate the representation of women on TV or the misogynistic aspects of Supernatural.  I do think that women have the short end of the stick in the ‘verse.

That is beside the point I want to make here because people get a death sentence on SPN  for just having an emotional tie to the Winchester brothers.  I love Sam and Dean and understand that they are the leads, the SPN world literally revolves around the brothers.

What bothers me about Charlie’s and other deaths on Supernatural, is that her death is not about the completion of her story arc.  It didn’t seem earned or compelling. Her death isn’t about HER at all. It is about Sam and Dean and how her loss effects THEM.  It gives the brothers the motivation to kick ass and take names. It is a catalyst to move the plot along.

It gives such an empty feeling to the audience because her life is portrayed as disposable. I bet that in the season finale, it will be a big deal, but it will only take a few episodes next season for her to be virtually forgotten.  She’ll be brought up from time to time, like John and Bobby, but such is life on Supernatural. She deserves better, but it’s the nature of the show and the reality of being a friend of the Winchesters.

Now that I think about it, I’m not Charlie. I’m luckier because I don’t really know Sam and Dean and don’t live in the fictional world of Supernatural.